“Okay Google, say “Konnichiwa” in Japanese.”

Konnichiwa means “hello” in Japanese.

Okay Google is a voice recognition feature that allows users to speak commands to their Android device. This function is available on the Google Assistant app and can be enabled by going to Settings> Voice> Voice Match.

The Japanese language has many ways of saying “okay” which can be confusing for those who have never learned it before. Here are some common ways of saying okay google in Japanese:

1) おねがいします(one word)

2) おねがいします (two words)

3) おう!(three words)

4) ありがとうございます。(four words, the most formal way of saying okay google in Japanese.)

Okay Google, how do you say “okay google” in Japanese?


This is the Japanese word for “okay Google.”

“Konnichiwa,” which means “hello,” is the most common greeting in Japan.

Okay Google is a voice command that activates Google Assistant. It is one of the most popular voice commands in the world with over 2 billion users.

In Japanese, it is pronounced “okay go-ru.”

This command can be translated to “Konnichiwa” which means hello in Japanese.

The Japanese word for “okay,” “konnichiwa,” is a greeting that literally means “good morning.”

“Konnichiwa” is a response to someone saying hello. It can also be used as an expression of gratitude, or to express surprise.

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