Santana plays this guitar on stage and it is one of the most unusual guitars in Santana’s collection. The Santanas main guitar in particular can be considered – along with the Mesa Boogie amps (see below) – the beginning of the famous “Santana” tone with its smooth roundness, smooth sustain and tight tonal quality. In later years, Santana certainly achieved this effect with his PRS Santana Signature guitar paired with a Mesa Boogie amp.

As you will notice, all of the PRS Santana models, as well as the Gibsons and other guitars that Santana played before the introduction of the PRS, used humbucking pickups. The owner told me that pickups have a lot to do with sound (yes, but more so on the PRS Santana). I’m new to electric guitars so I don’t know anything about amps, but I found that using a rhythm pickup with my highs and lows all the way on the amp and the tone button on everything sounded pretty damn close to Santana’s sound on a smaller scale. .

Santana was originally known for using a full-sized Fender Twin Reverb on her guitar and amp to give them more boost. Two of these are Santana’s main dirty lead tone amps, and Santanas isn’t really trying to get clean with either of them. Santanas simply set his wah pedal to the full open position and left it there, and also turned off his amp’s bass.

How Santana gets *that* sound, as I read about it in an interview with the GP, depends on a specific sound check technique where she cranks up the volume of her amps and then walks around the stage/space recording until he finds the “sweet spot” where his guitar is about to react. Carlos Santana selects low-mids and lows, so it can help to get overdrive with a tone control that emphasizes the lower mids. The rope kick attack is the key to Santana’s lines. In particular, Carlos Santanas’ amps, guitars, and effects combine to create the warm, melodious tone for which he is known.

What Carlos Gere is currently using and the history of the amps, guitars, effects and more he has used throughout his career. Today we’ll take a look at how to get that sound by looking at what guitars, amps, pedals and accessories Santana himself would use. Therefore, in order to reproduce these original songs true to form, you need to avoid the oversaturated tone available with modern amps and duplicate the techniques that Santana used in the 1970s.

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