Prabhat Matka – Prabhat Satta Matka

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Prabhat Matka – Prabhat Satta Matka

Prabhat Matka

PRABHAT MATKA Born into a Mahar Satta Matka Dalit family in western India. As a child, he was humiliated by his classmates from the highest caste. The official caste designation for the planned satta matka is the most common term now used in India. He took a leading role in shaping the constitution of India, banning discrimination against the untouchables of the Satta Matka, and skilfully helped push it through the assembly.

Prabhat Satta Matka

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He entered the civil service of Baroda at the request of the Gaekwaras, but after insulting the satta matka again by his upper caste colleagues, he turned to law practice and training.

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Dalits, also known as Dalits, are officially registered as the Satta Matka caste, formerly known as Harijans in traditional Indian society, which is the old name for any member of various lower caste Hindu groups and anyone outside the caste system.

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Mahatma Gandhi called the untouchables harijans (Sons of God Hari Vishnu, or simply Sons of the Year) and worked for a long time satta matka for their release. Challenging Mahatma Gandhi, who claims to speak for the Dalits (or Harijans, as Gandhi called them), he wrote What Congress and Gandhi Did to the Satta Matka Untouchables (1945). Yes, it is true that Satta Matka is a part of gambling where you have to rely on luck, not quite like lotteries, but at the same time it involves the risk of precious time and money.

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