Paytm Share Price Target January 2022

Paytm Share Price Target January 2022 Brokerage firm CLSA downgraded leading automotive company Tata Motors from Buy to Sell and lowered its target for automotive shares to Rs 408 per share from Rs 450 previously. Shares hit their all-time low of Rs 995 on Friday after global brokerage firm Macquarie cut its share price target by 25 percent to Rs 900 from the previous Rs 1,200. The price drop followed Monday’s report from brokerage house Macquaries, in which it scored the lowest on One97 Communications, Paytm’s parent company, and lowered its price target to Rs 900 ($12.14), down from Rs 1,200. awarded prior to its debut on the market. November 18th.

Paytm Share Price Target January 2022

Paytm, which has struggled to improve its share price since its debut, has fallen more than 46% from its Rs 2,150 ($28.9) issue price. While its shares are at an all-time low of Rs 1,157, its target price has been cut by investment banking firm Macquarie. Shares in the financial services and digital payments company are now down more than 53% from their initial public offering (IPO) price of Rs 2,150 after its dismal listing and a string of bearish sentiment.

Paytm shares closed on Monday at Rs 1,157 ($15.6), the lowest since its debut on the market in November after the country’s largest IPO in history after a key brokerage house cut the share price further. Shares of One97 Communications (Paytm) closed 1.59% lower at Rs 1,318 on Tuesday after hitting an intraday low of Rs 1,313. Analysts at Macquarie previously set a price target of Rs 1,200 per Paytm share but now expect the stock to fall another 25%. Having begun hedging Paytm with an overweight rating, JP Morgan analysts expect Paytm shares to hit their target price of Rs 1,850 per share by March 2023.

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The target price for Paytm shares for 2022 can range from 1400 to 2000, and also depends on the company’s quarterly financial results and performance. Paytm’s share price target and outlook for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 is limited by share valuation, profitability and business growth. Paytm shares debuted on the BSE and NSE stock exchanges on November 18 at a discount of approximately 9% from the offering price.

Shares are less than 10 percent off brokerage firm Macquaries’ target price of Rs 900 each. Shares fell 16.67% in January and 42.91% from an all-time high of Rs 1,961.05 on the other BSE. Since Nov. 18, 2021, the stock has fallen over 40% compared to the broader market indices Sensex and Nifty, which are down 1.27% and 1.34%, respectively, compared to Jan. 10, 2022. released today, Macquarie has further cut its price target to Rs 900.

The target price cut of Rs 900 per share implies a 25% downside potential for Paytms’ current market price and a 58% decline from its IPO price. Brokerage firm Macquarie warned investors at the time of the listing that Paytms shares were down 40% from their public offering fixed price and set a target price of 1,200 rupees with an underperforming performance rating. The brokerage cut its price target on the fintech giant to Rs 900 per share, 25% below its previous target of Rs 1,200 and 58% below its public offering price of Rs 2,150 per share.

In addition to this sharp drop, Paytm’s share price has been falling over the past three weeks. Paytm stock has been on a roller coaster ride since its debut on the stock market on November 18, 2021. It delivered a disappointing quarterly result for brokerage Macquare, cutting Paytms’ target price to Rs 900 from Rs 1,200, even with weaker global macro trends. Macquarie listed a number of factors that could threaten Paytms’ profitability in the near future.

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In the event that the payment processing fees payable to financial institutions and card networks increase significantly, and Paytm is unable to pass on those higher processing fees to its merchants or consumers, it could be disadvantageous, he said. Mutual fund HDFC, one of four mutual funds that were benchmark investors in Paytms’ IPO, announced in December that it had significantly reduced its holdings in the company under two schemes following the downgrade of Macquarie. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund recently sold all shares of Paytm, and HDFC Balanced Advantage reduced the company’s risk by more than 91%.

Foreign brokers expect Paytm to significantly outperform consensus forecasts for FY23 and FY24. Morgan Stanley began hedging overweight stocks on December 21 with a target of Rs 1,875. Ravi Singhal, VP of GCL Securities, recommended a buy for Paytm shares at around Rs 800 while maintaining a target price of Rs 1300.1700 and a stop loss at Rs 666. However, the stock is not in the overbought zone and for a company like Paytm, anything below Rs 1,200 seems like a good buy,” he added. a good buy.

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The company’s share price tumbled 14.6% this week after Macquarie revised its price target downward and amid concerns about a central bank crackdown on e-wallets. Shares of Indias One97 Communications, owner of Warren Buffett-backed payment platform Paytm, are in free fall. Shares continue to decline for the second straight session after rebounding 8% on Friday. However, in response to Macquarie’s downgrade, Paytm released operating data for the December quarter, which showed that the gross value of goods processed on the platform during the quarter totaled more than $33.6 billion, up 123% year-on-year. .

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