Nykaa Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 ,2024 , 2025 , 2030

Nykaa Share Price Target Every website linked to the stock market makes its own predictions about the price of a company’s stock but they are misleading for people and investors. We cannot say anything clearly about the stock market because the stock price is very unpredictable and we can only predict it.

Some financial experts think Nykaa’s share price will rise in 2025, because there is no company on the market that can compete with Nykaa and young people in our country are really interested in beauty and fashion products.

Nykaa Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 ,2024 , 2025 , 2030

FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd, which operates online beauty and health marketplace Nykaa, announced on Wednesday that it has raised Rs 2,396 crores from the anchor investors ahead of an initial share sale that will open for public subscription on Thursday. Nykaa first went public on Wednesday and was a good start as it traded at Rs 2,054 per share. Nykaa is listed today at a 79% premium to the issue price, which indicates a good listing for online cosmetics store.

The company aims to increase Rs 5,352 crores through this public release and around Rs 630 crore will be raised through the issuance of new shares. Nykaa’s IPO includes a new issue of Rs 630 and an offer to sell up to 4,18,72,660 shares for RR 4,721.92.

In addition, the company plans to use the proceeds of the IPO for marketing and promotion activities to strengthen its 13 own brands such as Nykaa Cosmetics, Nykaa Naturals and Kay Beauty, as well as creating and promoting new brands. The company has a diversified portfolio of beauty, personal care and fashion products, including brands from two of its business verticals : Nykaa and Nykaa Fashion.

The company will be priced at Rs 53,200 crores in the higher price range. The IPO consisted of shares, totaling Rs 630 crores in a new issue and an offer to sell 41,972,660 shares from existing shareholders. The IPO of Nykaas consisted of a new issue of Rs 630 crores and an offer to sell for Rs 4,722 in the upper price range.

Nykaa Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 Table

Years TargetsNykaa Share Price Target 
2022 (Target-1)Rs. 3000
2022 (Target-2)Rs. 3800
2023 (Target-1)Rs. 4350
2023 (Target-2)Rs. 4400
2025 (Target-1)Rs. 5050
2025 (Target-2)Rs. 5120
2030 (Target-1)Rs. 8000
2030 (Target-2)Rs. 8500

The premium for the IPO on the Nykaa gray market was Rs 750, which is 67 percent of the final IPO price of Rs 1,125 per share, according to unlisted agreements. The premium prior to the Nikaa gray market IPO listing was Rs 750, 67% higher than the final IPO price of Rs 1,125 per share. Nykaa’s IPO was opened for subscription from October 28 to November 1 to raise Rs 5,352 crore from the sale of the main shareholding.

According to the data, investors are bidding over Rs 216.59 crores for a total of over Rs 2.64 crores in Nykaa’s IPO 81.78 times compared to 2.64 million shares offered.

The November Stock Exchange shows that the Nykaa Healthcare IPO is listed in 10 positions due to its unique business model and management team managed by the founders and its significant market share in the beauty and personal care segment.

After several hours of trading, Nykaa shares went 12% higher on the NSE to a new all-time high of Rs 2,235 per share bringing the total market value to more than Rs 1 million crores. The stock nearly doubled to close on the NSE at Rs 2,205.80, up 96%.

The stock-in-trade Nykaa shares, which are a combination of fresh shares and an offer to sell, will be issued at a price of Rs 1,085-1125 each. The issue will be open for public subscription on 28 October and close on 1 November. The company has assigned 21,296,397 shares in the upper price range of Rs 1,125 per share, with total number of shareholders of Rs 6.35 million changed hands and the BSE turnover was Rs 129.01 million.

On the last day of the subscription an offer was made to win 2,16,58,63,836 shares or 81.78 times from the 2,16,59,47,080 shares offered by the company against the 2.64,85,479 shares. The shares were traded on the BSE at Rs 2,100, up 77.87% from the Rs 1,125 issue price.

On 28 September 2021, Nykaa shares that are not listed on the exchange have earned a good premium on the grey market over the past few days. Nykaas shares nearly doubled on their debut trading Wednesday showing that the abundance that has gripped India’s primary market since the start of the year has not diminished. Distribution of the 2019 revenue share of Nykaa E-Retail Private Limited by price segment [Chart ].

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