Mcx Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Mcx Share Price Target October oil futures on the MCX were up nearly 3.2% to trade at 6,130 barrels, up Rs 189 above Friday’s closing price. Analyst Anuj Gupta recommends buying at Rs 6,040 with a stop loss of Rs 5,970 and a target price of Rs 6,150.

Mcx Share Price Target

However, positive US employment reports, continued rallies in equity markets and ETF outflows are weighing on the price. We expect gold prices to trade sideways during the day, with gold support at the COMEX Spot at $ 1,800 and resistance at $ 1,833/1850 an ounce. In tandem with the international trend, December MCX Gold futures may continue to rise to Rs.

Gold and silver prices remained stable due to the dovish forecasts from the Fed. In addition, fears of inflation made the shelter more attractive and supported prices. The market share of commodity futures in the 21 financial years remained high at 96.04%.

Mcx Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

MCX trading volumes continued to decline following the introduction of margin regulation. The key issue for MCX is its ability to recover volumes after being hit by a higher margin trading rate. After a successful fourth quarter, volume dropped significantly in April-20 due to shorter exchange times and a sharp drop in crude oil prices (Covid-19). Earnings were Rs 33.2 crore, up 16.8% for the quarter and 43% year on year.

“MCX’s share price has risen approximately 1.7 times over the past five years (from ~ | 1054 in July 2016 to ~ | 1798 levels in October 2021).“ Having increased the volume of options, we maintain our BUY recommendation for the stock.

Long term growth is expected based on our forecasts, with MCX share price forecast for 2026-11-23 at INR 3,545,800. With a 5-year investment, the turnover should be about + 121.61%. Our target price of INR 1,075 is based on 15x PAT through Jun 23 + net cash + CDSL share.

Forecasts and targets for Multi Commodity MCX stock prices for the day: 1534.53, 1556.03, 1513.02 down and 1644.53, 1666.03, 1733.02 up. The above target values ​​for the stock price are based on the movements and chart levels at which the stock has shown significant price action. These target values ​​and stock price forecasts are valid for the short, medium and long term.

Here you can find the target price of MCX stock for the day and tomorrow. MCX Stock Price Forecast or Target-Use Camarilla Equation Use Camarilla Equation to view intraday, tomorrow, and short-term MCX stock price forecasts.

MCX stock price forecast for long-term investment-using Graham’s intrinsic value Here is a long-term forecast of MCX stock price using Graham’s intrinsic value. MCX stock price prediction for short-term trading-using the simple moving average of the SMA indicator is a powerful indicator for short-term trading.

This indicator helps the trader to predict the stock price and trade accordingly. The unlisted stock price of the Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSEI) can be verified in two ways.

NSE and Nifty quotes are also available in real time and licensed by the National Stock Exchange. The above steps are taken from the ICICI Direct brokerage relationship.

Be fully aware of the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, it is one of the most risky forms of investing. You acknowledge reserving non-listed shares of the Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSEI) with us at dealing price. We will confirm our purchase price for the unlisted shares of the Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSEI).

DIS – Delivery Instruction Slip is a way in which an investor can sell or transfer non-listed shares of the Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSEI) from their demat account to any other demat account. If you cannot sell your shares within 3 days, the price of that day will apply when we receive the shares in our demat.

However, if the company’s business is doing well and, therefore, there will always be demand in the OTC market, then even if the IPO does not take place, investors can easily liquidate their non-listed shares of the Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSEI) on the unlisted market itself.

… Hence, all stocks traded on the platform are not pre-IPO stocks. Thus, through our UnlistedZone platform, if someone wants to buy non-listed shares of the Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSEI), the minimum investment will be 35-50 thousand. “UnlistedZone is India’s fastest and leading market for buying and selling unlisted stocks.

As of December 31, 2010, MCX had over 2,107 registered members operating in over 180,000 retail outlets in over 1,139 cities in India.

With a market share of 93% in commodity futures turnover, MCX is the leader on Indian commodity derivatives exchanges. MCX posted strong fourth-quarter sales growth (+ 35.7% YoY) and increased its market share 240 basis points to 94% in fiscal 20. MCX posted a sharp increase in its market share of ~ 418 basis points yoy to 97.05%.

When asked about the possible reason why Indian Warren Buffett increased his stake in the company, stock market experts responded that the company is practically monopolized in commodities trading with stable revenue prospects.

They advised stock market investors to buy MCX shares at the current market price with a target price of up to Rs 1,600. We keep BUY on MCX based on online orders and over-margin at 3QFY20. Its monopoly market share has remained unchanged and MCX has ruled out price cuts that were previously at their limit.

Over the past 3 years, EPS has grown on average 17% per year, but the company’s share price has increased 35% per year, which means it is well ahead of earnings growth. An important factor contributing to the rise in stock prices is the dynamics of price increases.

According to AI Pickup, the forecast for the stock price of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited for November 2026 is 1430.32899190789. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (NSE MCX) shares may not be a good investment choice, according to the stock forecast for Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited.

The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) is the first and largest energy exchange in India with a dominant 92% market share, according to its FY2021 Investor Presentation (FY). MCX entered into an agreement with a UK-based company in July / August 2018 to develop gold and energy spot trading platforms. MCX are focused on improving the physical delivery mechanism and locally pricing key commodities will provide a platform for long-term sustainable growth.

Strong revenue growth, coupled with a rebound in the margin profile, will enable Bata to close the valuation gap with Relaxo. “Last year, Bata achieved a yield of about 48%, while Relaxo achieved a yield of 101% due to an increase in market share as consumers increasingly prefer open shoes.

This is a reflection of the nature in which the winner takes all the gold rush of the MCX business in terms of volumes, which came at a time of significant increases in gold and silver prices in AF12 and AF13.

Natural gas prices in Europe rose for the first time to about $ 14 per million BTU, while in the UK it was also close to $ 14 per million BTU, the highest since 2005. The energy crisis that has gripped many large economies has pushed up the price of crude oil.

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