Latent View Analytics Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Latent View Analytics Share Price Target said on Wednesday that its first sale of Rs 6 billion is set at a price range of Rs 190-197 per share and will be publicly subscribed on November 10. In the IPO, the market lot size is 76 shares and the minimum order size is 76 shares. The IPO began accepting subscriptions on November 10 and ended on November 12.

According to the exchange, the IPO received offers to issue 572 crores of shares, compared with the issuance of 1.75 crores of shares. Investors invested Rs 600 crore in the IPO earlier this month, with total subscriptions for the issue reaching 326.49 times the volume of the issue. Latent View Analytics’ IPO ranged from Rs 190-197 per share and was closed for subscription on November 12.

Latent View Analytics Share Price Target 2022

The IPO was a combination of a new share issue of Rs 474 crores and an offer to sell (OFS) from existing shareholders for Rs 126 crores. The IPO includes a new share issue of Rs 474 crores and an offer to sell shares for Rs 126 crores by the founder and existing shareholders.

The proceeds from the issue of Rs 147.90 crore will be used to fund inorganic growth initiatives; Rs 82.40 crores will be used to fund the working capital requirements of his material division LatentView Analytics Corp and Rs 130 crores to invest in his division to increase the capital base for future growth.

Founded in 2006, the company is a leading data analytics services company specializing in data analytics consulting and analytics for business intelligence and analytics, advanced predictive analytics, data engineering and digital solutions.

Design and develop results-driven analytics solutions for clients across all industries that enable them to work more effectively by predicting outcomes that drive digital transformation and sustainability.

The company’s business intelligence expertise includes analysis related to customer profiles, target marketing, supply chain management, finance and risk management, and human resources functions.

Latent View provides data and analysis consulting, business intelligence and analysis, advanced predictive analysis, data engineering and digital solutions. Latent View is a pure data analysis service company, focusing on consulting, data mining, business intelligence and digital solution services.

Latent View Analytics Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Latent View’s business is a new century business model in which artificial intelligence; Data analysis is the most demanded activity these days. Despite many challenges, Indian companies and startups have not avoided entering this space.

We all recently know that the company announced its IPO which started on November 10th and this is the end of the year, at the moment the stock price of this company is between Rs 190 to 197, as well as various investors from all over the country. invest in the IPO of this company because everyone says it is the company of the future.

Over the next year, the company’s share price will rise as various financial experts such as Milani Desai, a leading stock analyst, said that all of you should invest in an IPO in disguise. “Investors expect the company to go public at a good premium over next week’s IPO prices. Its shares are likely to rise 162% from the issue price of Rs 517.

The company completed the transfer of 1,35,53,898 shares to anchor investors at Rs 197 per share, which is the higher IPO price range. One retail investor can purchase up to 13 lots or 988 shares for which Rs 194,636 should be spent. One retail investor can apply to buy up to 13 lots (988 shares or $ 194,636).

Financing the working capital requirements of LatentView Analytics Corporation, our tangible subsidiary 3. It provides services primarily to technology, consumer goods and retail, industry and BFSI companies.

This generated revenue of Rs 295.9 crore for AF19 compared to Rs 326.7 crore for AF21. It generated a profit of Rs 59.6 crores (20%) in fiscal 19 compared to Rs 91.4 crores (28%) in fiscal 21. Market participants said that at higher levels, wealthy investors were quick to book profits to recoup investment costs.

On the BSE, RIL shares closed up about one percent at Rs 2,386.15. They said a sharp rally is unlikely in the short to medium term, recommending holding the stock with a stop loss of Rs 450.

Swastika Investmart’s Santosh Mina said long-term investors should keep Latent View shares in their portfolio, while those playing for profit from listing should maintain a stop loss at Rs 490 per share.

Advising long-term investors regarding the ownership of Latent View shares; Parth Nyati, founder of Tradingo, said: “The investors who receive the award can set a stop loss of Rs 450 and hold the stock long term, while new investors should look for a downturn to buy the stock.

Part Nyati, founder of Tradingo, said investors who received the stake could set a stop loss of Rs 450 and hold the stock long term, while new investors should look for a downturn to buy the stock.

For those investors who are lucky enough to get Latent View IPO shares, analysts recommend holding the shares in the long term for a good profit. While you shouldn’t be using a single company P / E, the IPO price for a 38x to 45x P / E range can be considered at full price.

GMP is nothing more than the premium at which a stock is traded on the offline market. This is only an indication of the IPO price as it is a disorganized market.

According to brokers, the distribution of shares in the Latent View Analytics offering is expected on November 16, and the percentage distribution on November 22. For his first sale of Rs 600 crore, ending Nov. 12, data and analytics have set a price range of 190-197 per share.

The price has increased this week, but the volume has not increased significantly. However, the industry is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 15-20% over the next three years, which should help the company’s revenue, ”said Nyati. At the top of the price range of 190-197 rupees per share looks like this.

Even more charm remained for investors even after the IPO listing. The Ichimoku cloud is red and prices are in the red cloud or higher. Prices seem to be rising. The CCI has generated a buy signal for a hidden view in the short term and the BUY signal is strong.

We always advise visitors to our website that if you like IPO stocks and they open at much higher levels, do not try to catch or jump on those more expensive stocks. Private investors or large market investors who have not received enough stocks in disguise may try to enter stocks after they are listed.

Nykaa’s recent outstanding listing shows investor frenzy about IPOs that can offer investors good money at the listing stage, “said veteran stock trader Pavan Dharnidharka. A company like Latent View Analytics is not listed on the Indian stock market.

Comparison is necessary then comparison can be done with the Happiest Mind Company and we all know that the Happiest Mind Company IPO listing has achieved multiple and post-listing yields.

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