Just Dial Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

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Just Dial Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Just Dial Share Price

Intraday Just Dial JUSTDIAL stock price predictions and targets: 812.08, 804.1, 779.4 down and 852.73, 844.75, 860.7 up. These target values ​​and stock price forecasts are valid for the short, medium and long term. Long-term growth is expected based on our forecasts, with Just Dial Ltd share price forecast for 2026-12-18 at INR 1,948,150.

Compared to Rs 1,051, the current price target is 12 analysts on average. After a 19% rise in share prices over the past few weeks to Rs 842, the stock is trading at a 30x forward P / E. The company is expected to post earnings per share of Rs 20.38 next year, up from Rs 33.92 last year. In the most recent quarter, the company reported a net income after tax of Rs 33.57 crore.

Just Dial Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

In 2019, the company completed the repurchase of 27,50,000 shares at an amount of Rs. In the quarter ended March 31, 2021, the company repurchased 1,125,068.6% of Re 1-redeemable non-convertible preferred shares in accordance with the terms of the agreement between Just Dial Limited, with a total par value of 1,125,068 rupees per share. And Just Dial Global Private Limited (related parties) and their respective shareholders and creditors.

During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, the company issued and granted a ruling of 11.25 in accordance with an order issued by the domestic company court on March 22, 2017 regarding the agreement between the company and Just Dial Global Private Limited. Issue 068 preferred shares of Rs 1 per share for shareholders of Just Dial Global Private Limited.

Just Dial shareholders sold a total of 17,497,458 shares in the company through an initial public offering between May 20-22, 2013. The shareholders of the company subsequently approved the buyback through a postal vote on June 23, 2020. In September 2017, Just Dial completed the buyback of 22.41,000 shares at an average price of Rs 374.18 per share, for Rs 83.85 crores.

The analyst’s time frame is an intraday period during which the Just Dial price can reach a specific target. Just Dial Ltd., founded in 1993, is a mid-cap (market cap of Rs 6,244.42) operating in the services industry. The company reported total consolidated income of Rs 191.25 for the quarter ended 3/31/2021, down 4.34% from the last quarter of Rs 199.92 and 29.97% less than with the same quarter last year. Just Dial Limited rose 13% in a volatile session on Thursday after the company announced the launch of its Jd Mart B2B portal across a variety of user platforms.

Click here to view the CRISIL report. CRISIL Research awards Just Dial Ltd IPO 5/5 IPO degree. Just Dial IPO Discount for Retail Investors Just Dial offers individual retail investors a 10% discount off the minimum price. Brokerage has a positive view of Just Dials stock and has set a target price of Rs 960 with upside potential of 17% over the current market price of Rs 820. Brokerage company Nomura has downgraded Just Dail to lower its purchase price and target price. up to Rs 820, which is 24% less.

JUSTDIAL has been trading in the consolidation zone for the past two weeks. Even in the last few trading sessions, there has been an increase in daily volume, which indicates an accumulation of stocks at the current level.

The brokerage firm has a positive view of Inox Leisures and has set a target price of Rs 495 with upside potential of 18% over the current market price of Rs 418. UBS increased its DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) (WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) 12.8% and final growth of 4%) based on a target price of Rs 800 due to higher long-term growth expectations (EPS of 25%). 30 fiscal years grew by 4%) -6%).

UBS expects JD.com to become the second largest competitor with a 25% market share in the next three years and generate 19-27% of AF23-25E sales revenue. UBS believes that the market has ignored the potential of JD.com to become a relevant B2B platform. According to UBS, the market underestimates Just Dial’s potential to increase its significant market share in the B2B space and the new revenue stream that may emerge with the support of Reliance. If the Just Dial price is traded above 700.72, the probability of reaching the target is higher.

Currently, the JUSTDIAL stock tips are for daily and intraday use only and have nothing to do with stock market fundamentals or news. No action is required based on the content of this research report. Unless otherwise noted, all financial data is based on an annualized period but is updated quarterly.

Fully aware of the risks and costs associated with financial market transactions, it is one of the most risky forms of investment. All investments involve risks, and past performance does not guarantee future performance. One must use one’s own judgment when making investment decisions.

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The above shares are from ICICI Securities Brokerage Report. Osho Krishan is Senior Manager of Stock Market Research at Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers. NSE and Nifty quotes are also available in real time and licensed by the National Stock Exchange.

Just Dial’s share price is on an upward trend, which is why we believe that similar market segments have been very popular over a period of time. Currently, there seems to be a trend where stocks in this sector (s) were popular during this period. Our analyst for Ai stocks suggests that this will happen in the future and that stocks can be useful for making money.

Since this stock has perspective, we recommend it as part of your portfolio. Just type IPO Review It seems that since promoters have to adhere to the “safety net”, they also chose some reduction in rates to keep some buffer with them, so that if the “safety net” clause is applied, they can pay from the created buffer, and thus thus, the size of the problem is more than double the original plans and even exceeds the CRISIL estimate. “JDL’s share price has grown by about 1.8 times over the past five years (from ~ Rs 450 in October 2016 to ~ Rs 820 in October 2021).

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