The highly anticipated Punjabi movie Jhund has finally been leaked on the internet and was available for free download last night.

It is worth noting that the leak of Jhund has happened a few weeks before its theatrical release. It is also to be noted that the movie had already been leaked online before, but was taken down.

We can confirm from the screenshot that the movie is available in two flavours, one dubbed and one filmi.

In addition to this it is possible to find other films such as Nadaan Parindey and Beat Pe Booty on the website which have apparently made their way out of Bollywood studio sets

Jhund Full Movie Leaked Online For Free Download

Jhund movie is a romantic drama which was written and directed by Lenny Abrahamson. The movie is set in Dublin, Ireland. It stars Ruth Negga, Dominic Cooper, and Gerard Barrett. Jhund Full Movie Leaked Online For Free Download

The film was written and directed by Taher Shah, a Pakistani film director, producer, actor and singer-songwriter.

The plot is set in Karachi and follows the life of Ahmer (played by Taher Shah) who falls in love with Sonia (Amna Malik). He proposes to her and they get married on the same day. However, Ahmer’s mother Faiza (played by Bushra Ansari) is against their marriage.

The only way to download this movie is through torrent websites like BitTorrent or through YouTube.

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