Interesting Unknown Facts – Amazing Facts

Interesting Unknown Facts - Amazing Facts

In fact, the researchers found that a single cloud weighed about 1.1 million pounds. The largest living animal is the blue whale, which can grow up to 100 feet long. Bones found on Seymour Island suggest that between 37 and 40 million years ago, penguins were 6 feet tall and weighed 250 pounds. When the world was completely covered in ice, there could have been four different ice ages, not just one.

A hurricane releases as much energy in one second as 10 atomic bombs. The moon is very hot (averaging 224 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day, but very cold (averaging -243 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. The sun seems very close, but it would take our fastest spacecraft 70,000 years to get to it.

Birds can’t live in space – they need gravity to swallow. He farts an average of 14 times a day, and each fart leaves your body at a rate of 7 miles per hour. This is one of the reasons why humans can overtake any other animal in an endurance competition.

That’s because a 400-year-old Japanese tradition says that if a sumo wrestler can make your baby cry, it means they’ll lead a healthy life. While most parents will go to great lengths to stop or stop their children from crying, this is not always the case in Japan. During difficult times, elephants comfort each other by stroking their trunks and chirping softly.

Elvis Presley’s manager sold “I hate Elvis” badges to cash in on people who didn’t buy his merchandise. At the Missouri Humane Society, volunteer children comfort anxious shelter dogs by reading books to them.

In The Empire Strikes Back, an extra person can be seen running around with what appears to be an ice cream maker. The invention was awarded one of the IG Nobel Prizes in 2011, a parody of the Nobel Prize for inventions that “make people laugh, then think”.

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Just when you think you’re too tired and you know everything, people and events can surprise you in pleasant ways. So if you’re a curious fanatic looking to smash yourself on your next game night, or just love learning something new and unintuitive, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 21 very interesting internet facts you probably didn’t know.

We use the Internet every day to do so many different jobs that we can’t imagine how we did it before. When you know the answer to a question that no one else in the room knows, it can make you feel like a genius. If you thought it was impressive that humans could climb to the top of Mount Everest, you will be amazed to find that even bumblebees can make it to the top.

Dolphins are known to be some of the smartest animals on the planet, perhaps because they can keep their brains strong. Dolphins have been observed wrapping sea sponges around their long snouts to protect them from cuts when they are foraging. Although pandas occasionally eat fish or small animals, 99% of their diet consists of bamboo.

The average intelligence of a dog is similar to that of a two-year-old human child. Named Zeeland, it was only discovered after humans went into space as they could easily see it from the top of the Earth.

Since no one can enter to confirm or disprove superstitious suspicions, there is a local legend that says that this is not a tomb at all, but a time machine.

The Burj Khalifa is so high that you can see the sunset twice a day. You can see the sunset on the ground and then if you take the elevator to the top of the building you will see the sunset from above again.

Street lights in Central Parks contain a series of four numbers to help you navigate. There is a 50% chance that two people in a group of 23 will have the same birthday. They can also change their gender to female, but can’t change it back to male after that.

However, koala fingerprints are so similar to human footprints that even the most experienced forensic examiners will have a hard time distinguishing a koala fingerprint from a human one. Gorillas can catch a human cold – although you can probably still safely go to the zoo with a cold. Sloths cannot shiver to keep warm, so it is difficult for them to maintain their body temperature on rainy days.

The sunniest place is Antarctica, with only 182 days of sunshine a year. With over 4,000 hours of sunshine per year, Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest place on Earth.

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