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A Twitter trending is a topic driven by a hashtag which becomes POPULAR among the masses in a given period of time. Twitters trending algorithms identify peaks of popularity for a particular topic or hashtag, relative to their normal levels. Twitter trends algorithms look for topics where a lot of people are suddenly tweeting about all at once, such as a new album being released, TV shows being broadcast, a celebrity dying, or political blundering.

What is really interesting to learn is that trending topics generally emerge through retweets, rather than high volumes of initial tweets. Twitter Trending topics, if included in your social media posts, can help to get visibility and promote your messages outside your followers. Our fully managed Twitter Trending campaigns help you increase your presence and make a visible impact on Twitter by making your campaigns trend.

The Twitter hashtag originated back in 2007, but these days, hashtags are used in other social media platforms, especially on Twitter, Instagram, as well as TV and video campaigns. A Twitter hashtag is a keyword or phrase used to describe an issue or subject, prefixed with the letter pound (#).

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A BuzzFeed News analysis found that at least 10 political hashtags which appeared among the top ten trending topics on Twitter trending columns in India during the past couple of months were a result of organized campaigns which gave out Twitter templates to people and encouraged them to send out re-tweets to boost the hashtag. That did not stop these campaigns from making political propaganda trends on Twitter in India. Our findings suggest these campaigns generated hundreds of national trends in Twitter during the entire 2019 Indian General Election.

Indias prime minister, Narendra Modi, later collated the tweets of those who participated in organized hashtag campaigns into Google spreadsheets, which he linked on his Twitter account.