How To Become A Raw Agent ?

How To Become A Raw Agent Originally, RAW was used by the External Wing of the Intelligence Agency (IB) and was used to recruit officers from the Indian Armed Forces, Police and India’s Tax Administration. RAW is India’s foreign intelligence agency that was recruited in several ways after passing the UPSC exam, mostly by government officials.

The agency works in the interests of national security through external counterterrorism strategies and policies. RAW is the foreign intelligence research and analysis department under the auspices of the Prime Minister, known as the Research and Analysis Branch, the most important body in the country. RAW or R&AW is an independent agency operating independently under the Prime Minister’s Office.

How To Become A Raw Agent ?

How To Become A Raw Agent ?

The main goal of RAW agents is to maintain an eye on other countries that may hinder the development of India’s security and foreign policy. The RAW agent selection process includes the selection of individuals from a government department such as intelligence services, military services, and intelligence services. Many people are hired as RAW agent specialists in specific fields such as economists, linguists and financial experts.

There are three types of job titles in RAW: Group A, Group B and Group C. Applicants are recruited only by the government service or the existing intelligence agencies of India, usually IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS and military personnel into Group A. Applicants must be graduates of any reputed organization or institution in order to apply for the position of an intelligence officer. Applicants must be under the age of 56 and have at least 20 years of service in any government agency.

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If enrolled in RAW instead, candidates must have good scores in the exam stages of the civil service. To become RAW agents, candidates must have a good education at a reputable university and be proficient in at least one foreign language. To become a RAW agent, candidates must pass the Group A Public Service Exam under the Central Staffing Scheme, through all stages of the Civil Service Exam and the few best candidates can pass the RAW Exam.

In RAW, besides field officers, there are requirements for accountants, stenographers, clerks, clerks, analysts, administrative officials, etc. RAW recruits officers of the military, government (IAS, IPS, IRS), IT students, police department, disaster relief agency, etc. RAW does not directly recruit candidates, but they apply to other government departments such as armed forces, police, administrative services, special services, etc.

To become a RAW agent the first step is to select any of the elite government positions such as IAS, IPS, Intelligence Service or Army. If you get any of the above jobs you can apply to join raw. If you want to become an inexperienced agent, I would suggest making it a goal to take the UPSC Civil Services Exam first, because the chances of joining RAW are high after becoming a civil servant and have a lot of experience.

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First, you must be a civil servant or in the military as RAW does not have direct entry like other exams, and the candidate must pass several exams, interviews, psychological assessments, followed by extensive preparation.

The candidate must have a degree in a course at a recognized university. Students take an entrance examination and complete a course at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Management (LBSNAA). Qualified candidates undergo training for 1 year and, depending on the performance of the candidates, are selected for RAW.

If you fail to pass the UPSC examination, you can join the military after gaining a few years of experience. The CGPE exam is held annually by the C-Sec for work in the intelligence bureau and a candidate must pass all stages of this exam only after a suitable candidate is able to pass the RAW exam. The difficult recruitment process for these two organizations involves a written exam followed by an interview.

Most qualified and highest scores candidates hold prestigious positions such as IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. Moreover if an officer of one of these ranks gains experience and seniority he can be selected for senior roles in RAW.

While most RAW field officers or ground agents can travel around the world, they need to know different languages and have different skills. A RAW agent must always be ready to go and must be willing to learn from experience and relationships.

Becoming a RAW agent is not an easy task, because people need to be strong mentally and physically to complete tasks at perfect speed. People must also pass strict exams and training to become RAW agents, because there are no other specific RAW agent exams because they are only selected by government agencies such as military service, army service, police service, UPSC service, and administrative service. …

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The R&D department does nothing about their work, not even the employees of RAW agents, they don’t know about their work… Raw means… We can only imagine how RAW agents work – or they can talk about it in films – but films are also relevant to real life.

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