Cams Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Cams Share Price Target The US stock market closed lower on Monday as investors weighed in on vaccine distribution, progress in stimulus measures, and the possibility of new economic restrictions.

After strong US economic data and President Joe Biden’s federal spending plan triggered cyclical stock price increases on Wall Street, Asian stocks and US stock index futures rose in early trading on Friday.

On Thursday, CDSL shares rose more than 6% on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), while CAMS shares rose more than 1%. As an indispensable part of India’s financial infrastructure, CAMS has earned a reputation as a leading transfer agency in India’s wealth management industry and a technology solution partner for private equity funds, banks and non-bank financial companies.

Cams Share Price Target

Cams Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

CAMS and its subsidiaries provide various value-added services to mutual funds, insurance companies and AIFs, as well as related stakeholders (such as distributors and investors).

It provides services to investors, such as the financial trading application myCAMS; and SMSBack services, a set of services for accessing accounts via SMS, as well as direct planning and other services. He will apply to RBI to register as a payment aggregator.

CAMS shares closed up 0.46% on Monday. The National Bank of Maharashtra raised more than Rs 2 billion through private bond issuance.

The company completed an initial public offering (IPO) of 1,82,46,600 shares with a par value of Rs 10 each for cash at an issue price of Rs 1,230 per share through the company’s offer to sell. shareholder.

Cams Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

The company reported a net income after tax of Rs 72.56 crore in the most recent quarter. The company reported a net income after tax of Rs 72.56 crore in the most recent quarter.

The brokerage values ​​the CAMS at 38x September 23 EV / NOPLAT + cash and investment on September 22 and maintains the REDUCE rating with a target price of Rs 2,555 given the strong valuation. The company is expected to post earnings per share of Rs 50.00 next year, up from Rs 42.08 last year.

The share has been rated Buy by ICICI Direct with a target price in Rs. ICICI Direct retained its Buy rating from mutual fund transfer agency CAMS with a target price of Rs. ICICI Direct retained its BUY recommendation for Globus Spirits at Rs.

However, the share price has risen strongly over the past few months and appears to be quite priced at its current level. Financially, the company’s turnover and profits have grown steadily over this period.

It is an MF transfer agent with an aggregate market share of about 70% based on the average assets under management (AAUM) that its clients manage. CAMS is the largest registrar and transfer agent for mutual funds in India with an aggregate market share of 70% based on medium-sized assets managed mutual funds (AAUM) managed and serviced by their clients in July 2020. Market leader in RTA. duopoly market (MF MAAUM 70% share), CAMS is representative of India’s growing wealth management sector.

Significant barriers to market entry, coupled with high switching costs, put CAMS in a unique position. Kotak Institutional Equities predicts that its close attention to cost management and continuous productivity improvement will drive PAT’s compound annual growth rate to 15% during this period, although CAMS’s share of non-MF businesses is still 10% of revenue.

CAMS will be the main beneficiary of this industry trend because 90% of its revenue comes from mutual funds. The prospects of CAMS are directly related to the prospects of the Indian mutual fund industry, where AAUM mutual funds have a market share of 70%.

CAMS has an extensive network of 25 states, 278 service centers, and five union territories. CAMS is a financial services and infrastructure provider based in Chennai; it provides mutual funds and other financial institutions with solutions for dividend processing, payment and trading, investor relations, reporting and regulatory compliance.

CAMS is a technologically advanced financial infrastructure and service provider for mutual funds (AMC) and other financial institutions. Computer Age Management Services Limited (“CAMS” or “Company”) is India’s largest mutual fund transfer agency, providing services for more than 69% of the assets of the Indian mutual fund industry.

Exactly one year has passed since the IPO of Computer Age Management Services Limited (CAMS) and the stock has performed well, climbing more than 140% of the issue price. The stock rose further 26% to an intraday high of Rs 1,550 above the issue price.

A total of 4.26 lakh shares changed hands, with a turnover on the BSE of Rs 60.47 crore. On November 23, Vasanth Jeyapaul sold about 1,000 shares on the market at about Rs 3,053 per share.

We have slightly increased our SoTP price target to Rs 31 (up from the previous Rs 29), assigning an improved multiplier to projects under construction that will soon be completed (valuation – core business – 1.4x P / BV, RoE – 10.0%, CoE – 13.5% and 23BV for the fiscal year at INR 36 per share).

We maintain our BUY and cut our EPS together with a target price of INR 157 (9x Sept-23E EPS), given the reduction in management and the higher share in the EPC order structure compared to HAM.

At the current CAMS share price of Rs 3,077.50, this equates to a dividend yield of 1.66%. Intraday CAMS stock price forecasts and targets: 3038.75, 3018.33, 2959.17 down and 3138.75, 3118.33, 3159.17 up.

These target values ​​and stock price forecasts are valid for the short, medium and long term. If the price of Computer Age is trading above 3041.12, the likelihood of hitting growth targets is higher.

The share price of CAM Group is on an upward trend, so we believe that similar market segments have been very popular over a period of time.

Currently, the CAMS stock tips are for daily and intraday use only and have nothing to do with stock market fundamentals or news.

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To trade on the spot market, deposit 20% of the initial margin of the transaction value. Ltd. is a mutual fund transfer agency that provides services to investors, distributors, asset management companies and demat account holders in India.

The software department includes licensing, software development and support services. The flagship company Reliance Industries Limited is a Fortune Global 500 and the largest private company in India.

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