Barc Full Form

Barc Full Form Basically, BARC leads all R&D departments that conduct research in nuclear technology and industrial development. Dr. Bhabha has also established several BARC training centers to meet the energy needs of nuclear energy research and development. BARC is India’s leading nuclear research center located in Trombay, Maharashtra, Mumbai.

As one of India’s visionary scientists, Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha founded the Trombe Atomic Energy Organization (AEET) in January 1954 as an interdisciplinary research program for nuclear development. After the death of Dr. Babi on January 22, 1967, AEET was renamed Babi Atomic Research Center to pay tribute to the father of India’s nuclear program.

Barc Full Form

After the death of Homi Jehangir Bhabhi in 1966, AEET was renamed the Bhabhi Atomic Research Center (BARC). BARC is a multidisciplinary research center with extensive cutting-edge research and development infrastructure, covering nuclear science, chemical engineering, materials science and metallurgy, electronic instrumentation, biology and medicine, supercomputers, high-energy physics, and plasma physics The entire field of India, as well as related research in India’s nuclear program and related fields.

Later, in 1954, AEET (Atomic Energy Agency, Trombay) was established to benefit the country by expanding the use of nuclear energy in various fields. In order to accelerate efforts to use nuclear energy for the benefit of the country, Dr. Baba established the Atomic Energy Research Institute (AEET) in Trombe (AEET) in January 1984 to carry out the multidisciplinary research programs required for the country’s ambitious nuclear program.

BARC also conducts research in the areas of spent fuel reprocessing (spent nuclear fuel management), nuclear waste disposal, agriculture and medicine, etc. Apsara was the first Indian nuclear reactor built at BARC in 1956 to conduct basic nuclear research. physics. He is also responsible for the smooth operation of various nuclear reactors in the country.

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