Adani Power Share Price History

Adani Power Share Price History Singhal also said that the delisting of Adani Power contributed to the share price rally as the new delisting comes at a higher price, as we saw with Vedanta.

Speaking about the long-term price target for Adani Power shares, Ravi Singhal of GCL Securities said, “Those who want to buy Adani Power shares while maintaining a long-term time horizon are advised to buy a meter long-term.

hovering between Rs 120 to Rs 150 (not at current levels) as some profit taking is expected on the counter At Rs 140.9 currently, Adani Power shares are trading at 0.126k% compared to their 200-day moving average.

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Adani Power Share Price History

Adani Power Share Price History

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The company has operating power plants in Mundra, Tyrode, Kawai and Udupi. The company’s installed thermal capacity is 12,410 MW, spread over six power plants in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, and a 40 MW solar power plant in Gujarat. Energy projects are spreading in the states of Gujarat, Maharshtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

As of 2019, Adani Group is in talks with Rural Electrification Corporation (REC Limited) and Power Finance Corporation (PFC) to launch a 1600 MW Godda Power project in Jharkhand at a cost of approximately Rs 14,000 crore. In November 2017, Adani Power (Jharkhand) signed a long-term contract with the Bangladesh Energy Development Board to supply electricity from its next 1600 MW power plant at Goddah in Jharkhand. It is the largest coal-fired power project in India. Adani Green House shares rose 29% after announcing that the company has commissioned a 75 MW wind power project.

Jatin Gohil, technical research and derivatives analyst at Reliance Securities, told Business Today: “The electric services space remains in the center with positive momentum and Adani Power has emerged as a major player in this space.” Continuing its previous daily uptrend, the stock reached a new high of Rs 151.50 today. The BSE Power Index also reached a more than 10-year high of Rs 3,008 on intraday trading on Tuesday.

Other listed companies in the group, including Adani Total Gas (Rs 1,324.30), Adani Transmission (Rs 1,300.90) and Adani Power (Rs 120.90), fell to cycle lows for the third consecutive day on the BSE. Shares in Adani Group fell for a fourth straight session on Thursday, falling 7% in early trade. Shares of the Adani group of companies have fallen on the stock exchange for several days. Shares of six publicly traded companies, Adani Group, were lower for the fourth straight session.

AdaniPower target forecast for March 4, 2022 is 145.35, 131.98, 118.6 up and 88.95, 102.33, 115.7 down. Target forecast for AdaniPower on February 25, 2022: 143.9, 131.41, 118.92 up and 90.4, 102.89, 115.38 down. AdaniPower February 2022 target forecast: 124.4, 116.93, 109.45 up and 75.01, 82.49, 89.97 down.

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Jan 2022109.95100.20124.4098.657.54M10.28%
Dec 202199.70102.00107.5095.1077.91M0.35%
Nov 202199.3598.15113.7093.6085.61M-1.14%
Oct 2021100.5096.00135.5095.00223.38M3.50%
Sep 202197.10102.00113.2589.20100.31M-1.42%
Aug 202198.5096.5098.5070.3591.46M2.76%
Jul 202195.85113.45115.0091.5074.07M-15.51%
Jun 2021113.4594.00166.9091.80855.64M22.65%
May 202192.5094.00106.9590.75321.66M-2.37%
Apr 202194.7583.20103.3081.35391.84M11.41%
Mar 202185.0555.85108.7055.40656.62M54.08%
Feb 202155.2052.0059.1051.00221.02M7.60%
Jan 202151.3049.8057.4048.50146.88M3.01%
Dec 202049.8038.7563.9538.65626.34M29.35%
Nov 202038.5036.0040.0035.60106.43M7.69%
Oct 202035.7537.0037.3534.5020.63M-3.12%
Sep 202036.9039.0039.4536.0563.81M-0.94%
Aug 202037.2535.1041.6035.10147.84M5.23%
Jul 202035.4035.8036.5034.3570.75M-1.67%
Jun 202036.0040.0041.9035.55385.39M-1.10%
May 202036.4031.0038.2529.05415.20M15.01%
Apr 202031.6527.7535.5025.80212.10M14.05%
Mar 202027.7549.2050.0523.00227.17M-41.33%
Feb 202047.3060.5062.6546.50129.66M-22.52%
Jan 202061.0561.8065.9558.00181.98M-1.21%
Dec 201961.8063.9564.2058.45109.45M-2.83%
Nov 201963.6066.1073.8059.15237.72M-3.71%
Oct 201966.0564.8067.8058.40159.10M2.72%
Sep 201964.3057.6569.9055.70230.50M10.10%
Aug 201958.4061.0063.5055.15200.50M-4.26%
Jul 201961.0052.2568.7550.80624.58M18.79%
Jun 201951.3550.4552.3544.30206.05M1.99%
May 201950.3544.9053.3037.35408.02M12.14%
Apr 201944.9048.4555.8044.00314.38M-6.85%
Mar 201948.2048.3553.2546.50265.30M0.10%
Feb 201948.1546.3549.9533.25352.21M5.82%
Jan 201945.5051.0052.7039.00287.31M-10.70%
Dec 201850.9556.3558.3547.45259.91M-8.20%
Nov 201855.5045.8057.5045.00501.62M20.39%
Oct 201846.1023.5046.6521.00779.80M93.70%
Sep 201823.8035.6536.1023.50426.30M-32.77%
Aug 201835.4031.9036.0027.85973.94M12.92%
Jul 201831.3516.2031.6515.151.02B94.12%
Jun 201816.1519.9020.2015.25283.84M-19.85%
May 201820.1525.5526.1018.55302.74M-21.60%
Apr 201825.7024.5026.9023.60368.43M8.44%
Mar 201823.7031.6031.9523.10239.24M-25.12%
Feb 201831.6536.7037.2529.45187.88M-13.64%
Jan 201836.6541.6047.8036.00488.58M-12.11%
Dec 201741.7035.5042.1031.85330.60M17.46%
Nov 201735.5032.8537.1531.30243.28M8.40%
Oct 201732.7529.5033.9528.65188.04M10.83%
Sep 201729.5533.6533.6528.80266.72M-11.39%
Aug 201733.3533.6533.8026.00217.81M-0.45%
Jul 201733.5029.8035.4028.10185.27M12.42%
Jun 201729.8027.7530.1026.45158.72M7.58%
May 201727.7033.3033.7525.85266.10M-16.06%
Apr 201733.0040.1546.3531.70478.64M-17.29%
Mar 201739.9038.7541.3036.30201.15M3.37%
Feb 201738.6036.5039.3034.25145.92M6.48%
Jan 201736.2530.0539.0529.10269.10M20.63%
Dec 201630.0528.7034.0527.30236.76M4.70%
Nov 201628.7027.3028.9023.15154.54M4.94%
Oct 201627.3525.1528.2025.00287.23M9.84%
Sep 201624.9027.8029.3524.6094.11M-9.95%
Aug 201627.6528.1028.6026.15121.47M-1.07%
Jul 201627.9530.5031.0027.90110.62M-8.36%
Jun 201630.5030.0031.4027.00137.24M2.35%
May 201629.8031.6032.9027.65175.15M-7.02%
Apr 201632.0533.9536.1030.15202.02M-6.97%
Mar 201634.4527.6535.6027.65109.11M25.27%
Feb 201627.5029.0029.4022.45133.35M-4.18%
Jan 201628.7032.5035.1525.30172.34M-11.01%
Dec 201532.2530.9032.5025.70157.05M5.05%
Nov 201530.7031.7032.5026.20127.57M-2.54%
Oct 201531.5024.9532.6524.15151.94M27.53%
Sep 201524.7022.4025.4520.10137.23M9.78%
Aug 201522.5027.4029.5019.60179.77M-17.88%
Jul 201527.4029.3531.1526.30294.49M-6.16%
Jun 201529.2039.1539.1526.50241.42M-25.03%
May 201538.9543.3045.4538.3073.58M-9.31%
Apr 201542.9546.7050.4541.3070.63M-9.20%
Mar 201547.3056.4560.1544.65162.69M-15.61%
Feb 201556.0552.4058.6045.65155.79M7.89%
Jan 201551.9544.1053.1043.30120.41M17.27%
Dec 201444.3045.7046.0538.7573.35M-2.85%
Nov 201445.6048.3550.1544.7073.40M-5.00%
Oct 201448.0043.1048.2541.4558.25M10.60%
Sep 201443.4047.2054.7042.00118.44M-8.05%
Aug 201447.2056.0057.9047.0592.50M-16.61%
Jul 201456.6062.9567.2554.25196.96M-9.51%
Jun 201462.5560.8065.1056.35167.05M3.90%
May 201460.2048.2568.3546.70410.48M25.03%
Apr 201448.1549.0059.2544.55225.27M-0.93%
Mar 201448.6035.8052.0034.80114.13M35.38%
Feb 201435.9032.5038.4531.8055.22M10.12%
Jan 201432.6039.6039.7531.8063.01M-16.30%
Dec 201338.9535.8042.7035.60193.47M9.41%
Nov 201335.6032.3037.2532.3094.28M8.87%
Oct 201332.7032.0537.4031.7583.22M1.40%
Sep 201332.2533.9536.8531.6044.17M-4.16%
Aug 201333.6534.1038.4029.3051.24M-3.99%
Jul 201335.0541.4544.8532.8088.95M-15.44%
Jun 201341.4556.1559.8038.7584.68M-26.96%
May 201356.7549.3062.4546.5076.20M16.17%
Apr 201348.8541.7050.7540.5556.78M20.17%
Mar 201340.6544.7551.4038.2536.13M-8.55%
Feb 201344.4560.9561.3043.2552.34M-27.13%
Jan 201361.0061.5568.4058.9060.86M-1.13%
Dec 201261.7053.8569.7552.7588.68M16.20%
Nov 201253.1048.0553.5046.4019.17M10.17%
Oct 201248.2053.0055.8046.3049.92M-8.97%
Sep 201252.9540.0554.0539.1054.15M33.04%
Aug 201239.8043.9044.4536.8037.16M-8.92%
Jul 201243.7050.3053.3540.7054.85M-12.51%
Jun 201249.9546.9052.0044.1038.82M5.60%
May 201247.3064.3565.3047.0049.70M-26.27%
Apr 201264.1568.7573.9062.2068.88M-6.35%
Mar 201268.5076.4079.3062.00154.81M-9.69%
Feb 201275.8580.7596.7569.00210.36M-5.25%
Jan 201280.0562.8091.9061.3055.38M28.18%
Dec 201162.4573.0079.0059.2518.43M-12.29%
Nov 201171.2088.0090.0069.8511.02M-19.23%
Oct 201188.1585.0089.6075.5511.98M3.22%
Sep 201185.4092.0594.8080.1011.72M-6.72%
Aug 201191.55104.00106.1082.5548.63M-7.67%
Jul 201199.15110.05115.8093.6530.89M-9.82%
Jun 2011109.95116.20119.00105.8513.18M-4.89%
May 2011115.60113.10116.05106.1513.70M2.62%
Apr 2011112.65112.50121.90112.2510.34M-0.09%
Mar 2011112.75119.00119.15108.0029.97M-5.37%
Feb 2011119.15124.00127.90114.0029.95M-3.68%
Jan 2011123.70130.60131.85118.1021.96M-5.10%
Dec 2010130.35137.00139.30122.2014.56M-4.08%
Nov 2010135.90130.40144.85120.0531.91M5.39%
Oct 2010128.95135.40140.90127.0020.76M-3.77%
Sep 2010134.00137.80145.90125.2031.83M-1.43%
Aug 2010135.95128.90144.60128.1037.96M6.79%
Jul 2010127.30126.00133.90122.8014.88M0.24%
Jun 2010127.00120.60127.95114.5510.47M4.44%
May 2010121.60125.40127.90112.0015.23M-2.88%
Apr 2010125.20116.05128.90113.6526.89M7.93%
Mar 2010116.00105.00118.00100.5521.30M9.38%
Feb 2010106.05101.35110.0099.8032.50M6.05%
Jan 2010100.0099.25112.9095.0038.87M1.01%
Dec 200999.0094.40100.4091.8511.30M4.87%
Nov 200994.4095.5097.6090.1022.09M-3.48%
Oct 200997.80102.00104.9094.2519.80M-4.02%
Sep 2009101.90103.25104.9597.3059.29M-1.26%

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